Can you renovate a house yourself? Or should you hire a professional?

Perhaps you’re considering whether you should take on a renovation project or opt for a new build? While both have their positives and negatives, renovations are often a popular choice, as they can be significantly cheaper, and present the opportunity to put a stamp on your home.

However, undertaking a house renovation can present many dilemmas and challenges before you have even begun. It’s important to consider a multitude of things before going ahead and securing an offer on a tired and rundown house.

One of those initial decisions should be whether you intend to renovate the house yourself, or instead hire a team of professional tradespeople to carry out the work. Here, we help you decide which way you’re going to attempt a fixer upper!

Write a pros and cons list

Again, both have their advantages and disadvantages, so one of The Renovation Lab’s top tips is to write a pros and cons list. Weigh up the options and you will soon be able to see which list makes you feel more comfortable.

If you’re on a low budget, then undertaking tasks yourself can provide huge savings, and there are plenty of great tutorials on the Internet to guide you along the way.  Maybe money isn’t such an issue, but you’re tight for time, and getting the professionals in will speed up your transformation.

It’s important to make the decision that is right for you and your goals so this list will ensure you get your priorities in order.

Consider a mix and match method

While you may feel your handy skills stretch to stripping wallpaper and ripping out the old kitchen units, it is usually best to call in a professional to take down any supporting walls, or contact the experts for plastering. Nobody likes an uneven wall, and it will bug you forever, so it often pays to invest in the right assistance.

Write a list of all the tasks you expect to encounter during your renovation and jot down where you think you will need professional help. This can help you see where costs are likely to arise, but also where you can save some funds by getting your hands dirty.

This article gives fantastic advice about what you can tackle yourself and what is best to leave to the pros.

Call on friends for support

Our decision was made easy for us, as we have a builder in the family, as well as a number of close friends in the trade. As they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and we found this to be especially true!  You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to lend a hand, especially if you offer an incentive or two, such as one day returning the favour!

While we appreciate everyone might not be so lucky, it’s also worth asking friends for recommendations of reliable tradespeople, as knowing someone you trust has experienced a positive service will give you peace of mind.

Utilise your expertise

Are you a fine artist in your spare time? Then why not try exchanging your fine paintbrush, for one with a thicker handle, and save yourself some cash at the same time. It can feel like a real accomplishment when you make changes to your own home, especially when you sit back and reap the benefits when it’s all finished.

I don’t have any particular DIY skills, let’s be honest, but I was given the job of sanding the staircase spindles and banister. This was mainly due to my personality trait of being a perfectionist, which meant I was determined to get rid of as many layers of varnish as possible, and make sure everything was neatly sanded before we primed and painted. Use your abilities to your advantage!

Consider building regulations

You might be confident that you can carry out the physical task of a renovation, but it’s imperative that your knowledge is also up to date and that your build complies with any necessary legal requirements. We highly recommend that you consult with any professionals when it comes to extensions and other similar endeavors.

It would be heartbreaking for all your hard work to be undone, following a visit from the building inspector, when it isn’t up to their strict standards. If you’re preparing to improve your home then there is a wealth of useful information regarding planning permission on the Citizen’s Advice website.

Be prepared to project manage

If you are looking to hire professionals to help with renovation work for particular tasks, please be prepared to project manage. Organisation is also key. If your electrician is ready to second fix, but your plasterer has phoned to say they’re not available for another month, then you have a problem on your hands. Delays are inevitable, but you must be willing to be flexible, while also being firm enough to ensure the project keeps moving and the jobs get done.

It can sometimes feel easier to ask for favours from friends and relatives in this instance, but often they can be the hardest to manage, for fear of feeling cheeky or applying too much pressure. Just something to bear in mind when scheduling each phase of your renovation.

The scope of the project

Let’s say you’re capable of carrying out the works on your renovation venture. If you are planning a large-scale project, then you may need more than your single pair of hands, or the help of your friend, parent or partner.

If you’re working towards a tight deadline, then it can pay to have additional workers on site; so more than one task can be tackled at a time. However, some builders may like to be left to their own devices, so check out their preferences before you assume they will work with you.

DIY renovation vs. professional contractor

Hopefully this article has given you a starting point from which to begin investigating the best option for you. Everyone is different, so what may be right for someone else, may not be right for you.  Therefore, it’s really important that you take the time to figure out a strategy before you steam ahead.

With all that being said, please don’t be afraid to give renovation a go. It’s incredibly rewarding, whether you decide to give it a go yourself, or hand over the responsibility to the professionals. You’re in charge of the decisions and that’s the most important thing when making a house your home.

What did you decide to do? Let me know in the comments!

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